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Motor & Magnetic Expo丨2019 Small Motor Industry Development and Technology Forum

Organizers: National Engineering Research Center for Small and Special Precision Motors, Small and Special Precision Motors Alliance, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

Time: May 8-10, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen 

Scale: More than 20 Keynote Speeches, over 300 industrial and application area technologists and the enterprise managers will participate

Support Media: Big-bit, ChinaOIL, Global Magneto Electricity, Ruochen Media, Ecmagnet, Wangca Motor, China Automation, Magnetbuy


Small motors, as a kind of basic electric component, is widely applied to various electric machine and equipment. In recent years, the production of China’s small motor is growing rapidly, which indicate China has become the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of small motor. Promoted by The Real Economy and favorable policy, China had produced 12.7 billion small motor in 2017. According to “Small Motor, The 13th Five-Year Development Prospect”, China’s production will reach up to 15 billion in 2020. The development of automobiles, electronics, household appliances, industrial automation, office automation, computers, high-end equipment automation, mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, medical, instrument and meter and high-tech industry provide extraordinary opportunity and huge market for small motor industry.


Based on the increasing development of market, the industry is required to transform, update and innovate, while enterprises shall consider the market, technology, transformation and innovation. Therefore, domestics and overseas professionals of leading enterprise, research institute of small motor and magnetic material industry, well-known college, industrial park will be invited to the forum to exchange and discuss the new technology and trend of small motor.






Unit and Position


Guest Speaker


超聲電機原理及在工業中的應用Principle of ultrasonic motor and its application in industry


Academician of Chinese Academy of School

趙淳生 院士

Prof. Zhao Chunsheng



Effect of rotor structure on performance PM synchronous motor


National Engineering Research Center for Small and Special Precision Motors (Engineering Research Center for short)

劉景林 博士

Dr. Liu Jinglin


高功率密度永磁電機多物理域耦合設計研究 Research on multi-physics  coupling design of high power density PM Motor

國家精密微特電機工程技術研究中心專家Engineering Research Center, Expert

沈啟平 教授

Prof. Shen Qiping


電機研究若干熱點問題Hot issue of electric motor research

華南理工大學學電力學院副院長(大洋電機新能源電機研發顧問)Vice president, School of Electrical Engineering, South China University of Technology (new energy motor research and development Consultant, Broad-Ocean Motor Co.,Ltd.)

楊向宇 教授

Prof. Yang Xiangyu,



Technical characteristics and development trend of aerospace micromotor


Engineering Research Center  Executive Deputy Director

陳強 研究員

Mr. Chen Qiang, Researcher


注塑磁體在電機上的應用 Injection Molded Magnets for Electrical Machines



Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Schliesch, Head of Research and Development


電動機產品出口技術壁壘解讀 Interpretation of technical barriers to electric motor exports


Vkan Certification &Testing Co., Ltd

張傳甲 部長

Mr. Zhang Chuanjia, Section Chief

    * Kindly follow the exhibition news to know concurrent event on May 9.


▲ Small motor, magnetic materials production enterprises and research institutions, technical engineers and senior management personnel;

▲ Senior Engineer and the management of Vehicle Operation;

▲ New energy vehicle industry authority, industrial park and research institute;

▲ New energy vehicle materials enterprises;

▲ Motor, transformer, power supply, automobile, home appliances, communication, computer, automation, electronics, national defense and military industry, aerospace, automotive electronics, battery, battery system integrator, thermal management system integrator;

▲ Materials and accessories enterprises: battery material, charging pile, thermal management materials, battery box, baffle, overcurrent protection, supercapacitor, resistor, protection strip, keeprecision thermal insulation, sealing thermal grease, sensor, new energy vehicle, other related fields researchers and technical engineers;

       ▲ Reporters of professional medias, members of Association.

Gains in participation:

Face-to-face communication with suppliers, manufacturers, end-users, research institutes, experts and scholars;

Get the latest information of the industry market, understand the trend of the industry;

Attract more business partners and create opportunities for cooperation between the two sides;

Close contact with industry renowned experts, free consultation of technical problems encountered in the production of enterprises;

Display and publicize enterprise superior products and latest technologies on the exhibition site to highlight enterprise competitive advantage;

Help enterprises expand potential markets.


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